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Let us take a look and see how we can help you to enjoy your home's historic windows for many years to come.

Services we provide:

Functionality Restoration -  Functionality restoration includes release of painted shut windows, sanding of all surfaces to remove friction, sash lubrication, window reinstallation with new sash cords and paint touch-up to finish.

Partial Restoration - Partial restoration includes the replacement of broken glass panes and reglazing, small wood repairs to window sashes, sills and trim, painting completed on-site.

Complete Restoration - The first step of a complete restoration includes the removal and transport of the windows to our shop. We secure all window openings with painted plywood or Lexan prior to transportation in order to ensure safety. Once at the shop, the windows are deglazed, stripped, repaired or rebuilt and finished with two coats of Benjamin Moore paint.

Leaded glass restoration - Restoration or remanufacturing of leaded glass windows includes original design, new design or continuing existing design throughout the building.

Custom Glass Privacy Panels - Design and construction of textured clear or stained glass panels for the interior of your home or business. These panels are installed over your existing windows in order to keep the exterior design intact, while providing light and privacy.

Door Restoration - We will remove the door from its hinges and transport it to our shop where we will strip the paint, sand all surfaces and complete any necessary wood repairs. After it's been primed and painted we will deliver and reinstall the finished door. 

Mantel restoration - Mantel restoration includes paint stripping, all necessary repairs and painting, all completed on site.

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